Meet a man who has turned personal tragedy into triumph.
When Gus speaks, he shares a humorous, heart-touching message you'll find unforgettable and life-changing.

Who is “Gus”

Raised on a farm in Lyons, Nebraska, Ron “Gus” Gustafson was a standout basketball player in high school in spite of having lost his right arm and shoulder in a tragic childhood farm accident. After a knee injury ended his collegiate basketball career, he was devastated. But, once again, his faith and courage sustained him and he redirected his energies, building outstanding academic and business careers.

Gus is an entrepeneur at heart and has started and sold numerous businesses. He has a passion for people and builds people through his businesses.

Gus is founder and president of Ron Gustafson – My Story, located in Omaha, Nebraska. He and his wife, Julie, have three children: Isaac, Josiah and Hannah.

Turning a set-back into a come-back

When you face an obstacle in your life, think of Ron “Gus’ Gustafson. Gus battled for his life at age 9 following a tractor accident that took his right arm and shoulder and crushed his right leg. In spite of his injury, he was determined to excel in athletics. He played varsity basketball (Honorable Mention, All-State) and earned the respect of the coach who once said he’d never make the team.

As an adult, this professional speaker suffered a stroke and had to learn how to talk again! setback after setback, Gus has been able to turn them into comebacks!

For Gus, each setback has presented an opportunity to grow. Today, Gus is a remarkable motivator. To experience his message is to lose all self-doubt and to find the strength to succeed. He’ll show you how, with two simple keys:

  1. never give up, and
  2. have the courage to face the next challenge.

Discover the courage to succeed

You’ll marvel at everything this “one-armed-guy” can do! For all his amazing accomplishments, however, Gus does not try to be a larger-than-life hero. Instead, he connects with people, recognizing that everyone struggles with challengesin their lives. In Gus’s story, you’ll find the inspiration to rise above your own limits – whether they’re imposed by circumstances, other people or yourself. Gus will help you to dream once again!

The Ron Gustafson Phenomenon

Gus is the speaker everyone wants to own. Once people hear him speak, they can’t wait to share him with others. From a single presentation in a corporate setting, he’ll be invited to speak to every branch of that company throughout the country and abroad. Or, someone in an audience will arrange for him to speak at their child’s school. Gus is equally at home sharing his keys to success at a board retreat, sales meeting or high school banquet.

Use Gus at your next important event!

And while you’re waiting for him to arrive, order a copy of his latest book “Fully Armed” along with an audio CD or DVD of a live presentation.

Companies, schools and organizations that have benefited from Gus's presentations include:

  • New York Life
  • Cingular Wireless
  • Next Level Communications
  • Sterling Collision Repair
  • Union Pacific Railroad
  • Physicians Mutual Insurance
  • National Association of Financial and
    Insurance Advisors (NAIFA)
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Principal Financial Group
  • Northwestern Mutual Life
  • National Life of Vermont
  • American Express Travel Services
  • Nogg Chemical and Paper Company
  • Corporate Express Document and Print Services
  • Farmer’s Commodities Corporation
  • Future Farmers of America
  • Young Farmers of America
  • Rummel Senior High School, New Orleans, LA
  • Millard South High School, Omaha, NE
  • Greenville Senior High School, Greenville, SC
  • Blue Cross-Blue Shield
  • and many more

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