Meet a man who has turned personal tragedy into triumph.
When Gus speaks, he shares a humorous, heart-touching message you'll find unforgettable and life-changing.

Motivational Minute

Ray Melcher

Dear Gus,
Thank you VERY much for the wonderful presentation you delivered at my recent conference in Washington D.C. The Seaboard VPA All-Stars event has historically been the most well received function of the year by the qualifying agents. Your presence elevated the meeting to a level of quality that we had not seen before. Your talk was entertaining, inspirational motivational and humbling. You are a person who truly practices what you preach. It is obvious the word ‘surrender’ is not part of your vocabulary.

Gus, I am convinced all the attendees that were in your session will become better people in some way through their life because of your message. Once I am settled in Pittsburgh next year, I look forward to contacting you and hopefully working with you again with my new group of agents.

Best regards,
Ray Melcher
Vice President Agency
State Farm Insurance